Corporations and individuals alike hope they’re putting their best face forward every day. But all too often, I see them faltering in how they let themselves look. Typos in your advertising, signage, or your own name are avoidable errors that make high-value customers worry that if you can’t — or don’t care to — get the little things right, you won’t be able to get the more complex stuff correct either.

“Typos get expensive when they

make you look cheap.”

Tom Hymes

I cringe to see nationwide commercial and banking corporations — with big budgets and polished images — spend money but publish misspelled words. I’m embarrassed for people I don’t even know on LinkedIn whose job titles are misspelled. Why would a marketing manager expect to bring in business if his own post says he’s a “General Manger of Global Marking”?

My job is not to embarrass you – it’s to make you look good. I wouldn’t let you walk out the door with a gum wrapper stuck to your shoe or a white thread on your good dark suit. And I won’t let you spend a lot of money, only to falter over errors on your highly visible print or digital presence. My extra pair of eyes on your high-profile publications sends them out the door in fine form — no egg on your face, and your best foot forward.